Meeting In The Air

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A traditional brass quintet with opt. trumpet for horn and extra baritone for use as a sextet. The piece takes off immediately with a thematic statement in the trombone, breaking in a duet with the horn. Additional entries keep massing in the lower voices until most of the ensemble is involved. All of a sudden, the upper brass, silently present the tune in block harmonies until the lower brass present a countermelody. Now! Everybody’s involved. Next, a dialog between the upper brass and middle brass takes place as it alternates back and forth. With a modulation in place the tempo goes slow, the tune is in the lower brass- expressive! All of a sudden from bottom to top motives are presented- in stacked chords…. This goes through different transformations until the piece elevates into an uplifting conclusion.

Category: Brass
Primary Composer or Arranger:
Everson, Dana F.
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Mixed Group
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Optional Vendor Catalog Number: 145514
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30-60 Sec Sample
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