Amazing Grace

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Moving and affective this solo begins unaccompanied and then later joined by the piano in a Celtic style. A second statement of the tune is further embellished and gains more complexity as it progresses. After a brief modulation the solo line becomes more plaintive- even though still embellished. The Coda is based on a brief motif where it ritards into a gentle repose.Unusual, emotive and restrained version of the Luther classic The introduction in the piano is presented in an embellished fashion. The solo states the theme in a straight-forward manner. After a brief interlude the solo continues in a different register. Another brief interlude and the soloist continue in a more ornamented manner this time. The piano now states the theme in strong block chords while the solo is very active as an obbligato. Both voices present thematic materials taken from the opening sections. The Coda gives a motivic statement of the opening theme and resolves to a solemn end.

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Heffler, Rich
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