Welcome to the NEW SacredSheetMusic.com – the way buying sacred sheet music should be. (see FAQS) Here you will find a tremendous variety of quality sacred sheet music for every need in the church, Christian school, and home, including organ and piano solos and duets, along with a wide variety of instrumental solos, duets, and ensembles. There is also a large selection of vocal solos in low, medium and high voiced keys along with vocal duets, ensembles and a complete line of choral SATB music.

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I want to personally thank all of you that prayed for me and Linda during my recent diagnosis of stage 2b melanoma and the surgery to remove the cancer and sentinel lymph nodes. The pathology report came back negative on the lymphatic system and the surgery removed the cancer with clear margins. We praise God for His mercy in allowing the body to currently show no evidence of disease (NED) and the doctor simply wants to monitor my condition every three months. Thank you for the outpouring of love, prayers and concerns from hundreds of people - many of you I do not even know.

Notation Typesetting Resources

It is easy for a novice to believe that just because he or she is using a quality, music typesetting program like Finale or Sibelius and printing out on a high resolution printer that their music must be correctly typeset. After all, the music jumps off the crisp, white page with a clarity and beauty the written hand could never achieve. Notes are spaced correctly and a lot of formatting is automatic. Unfortunately, to the trained eye many things may still be non-standard at best and unprofessional or incorrect at worst.

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The history of SacredSheetMusic

In 1986 two musicians, Duane Ream and David Parker, had a dream of publishing quality, conservative, sacred music in a Christian culture where only one publisher exclusively existed to help meet that need - Majesty Music. Years later publishers like Wilds Music, Soundforth, and many small, independent publishers came on the scene. Duane and David incorporated in May of 1986 under the name C & L Enterprises, Inc. of Greenville. The "C" stood for Duane's wife Candice and the "L" stood for David's wife Linda.