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COMING SOON! The Lorenz Music Corporation and SoundForth will soon be offering their entire sacred, digital library - over 10,000 selections - at SacredSheetMusic.com. Look for these wonderful additions to our catalog very soon!

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July 2016 Glad Adoration Music Ministries
June 2016 Jantz Music Publications
June 2016 ChrisJan Music Company
February 2016 Shepherd Staff Ministries
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Notation Typesetting Resources

It is easy for a novice to believe that just because he or she is using a quality, music typesetting program like Finale or Sibelius and printing out on a high resolution printer that their music must be correctly typeset. After all, the music jumps off the crisp, white page with a clarity and beauty the written hand could never achieve. Notes are spaced correctly and a lot of formatting is automatic. Unfortunately, to the trained eye many things may still be non-standard at best and unprofessional or incorrect at worst.

Foreign Language Translation Needs

The history of SacredSheetMusic

In 1986 two musicians, Duane Ream and David Parker, had a dream of publishing quality, conservative, sacred music. Duane and David incorporated in May of 1986 under the name C & L Enterprises, Inc. of Greenville. The "C" stood for Duane's wife Candice and the "L" stood for David's wife Linda. That first year they produced two books, a medium voice vocal solo book entitled Soloist 1 Medium Voice and an advanced piano book entitled HymnNotes 1 Advanced. They enlisted the talent of the finest composers and arrangers they knew contracting names like Mac Lynch, Faye Lopez, Joan Pinkston, David Warren, Duane Ream, Becky Bonam, Gina Sprunger, Joan Love Parker, Mark Parker and many more to write the piano hymn arrangements. Duane and David collaborated on most of the vocal solo settings.